the fountain of life

This Beautiful villa at Pune, designed by Utopia Designs, Stands out of the Clichéd Residences reflecting Utopia’s Elegant design StyleS.

The Gardens landscapes area is automated on motion sensors. The concept behind the central fountain is “Life and Five Elements of Nature”. A stream of Water comes from one point and goes exactly into the second one and the one after other coming back to the first one. A Frangipani Tree above the fountain expresses the connection between Life and Five elements. Where the other fountain has abstract bird shaped blocks, which moves as water comes on it and that gives a very calm, soothing and relaxing effect.


The Dining area is the Centre of the house, designed around Zen philosophy of Minimalism. The dining is especially designed with a palette of Swarovski Crystals, Stainless steel and white lacquer finish. The Swarovski home automation switch is provided to turn off all lights of the house to make it handy for the person going out of the house.


The living area is divided into two parts, Formal and informal sitting. The formal sitting can be converted into a home theater area using one single click on your Ipad. The backlit CNC Processed Stainless steel grill gives a soothing effect to the TV unit.

The German Trolley and Built-in Fridge gives a Very Ultra Modern Feel to the Kitchen. The kitchen is planned in such a way that everything becomes Handy to the person Working.


The Bedrooms are designed using same colour palette; just changing the tones and shades as well as textures of the finishes using veneers, solid surfaces and wallpapers.


Name of Project – Konark Splendor

Designer – Utopia Designs

Area – 8000 Sq.Ft.

Photos Courtesy, Utopia Designs.

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