flirting with fonts

Fonts help us express the emotions behind the words we use, Cristel on the other hand takes it to another level where these fonts actually become a beautiful artwork conveying her thoughts.

AFFOGATO : Inspired by the Affogato coffee, which consist in putting ice cream into an Italian coffee, this artwork is meant to resemble a biscuit.


AMPERSAND : An easy and fun association with the name Ampersand and the sand on the beach (Manhattan beach, CA)
BRING THE RAIN : In honor to the few rainy days in California, I had fun playing with this mini umbrella.
COME WITH ME : This is a bench park in Copenhagen, Denmark, as I was travelling by myself. My heart was in California ;).
ICE CREAM : Sometimes I just need a reason to play with colors. As a designer, I also buy cute objects for the sake of it.
NEVER TRUST A MAN WITH BAD TASTE IN SHOES : This one is to make fun of the dating world in here L.A., but there is always a little truth behind a joke.

Cristel Rossignol 1

Cristel Rossignol is a designer from Quebec, Canada. She currently lives in Santa Monica, CA, where she was hired to help leverage the visual branding of CARD.com. She believes in the theory that typography is 90% of design, which is the reason why she focuses and cares about sharing the skill.


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