a cool DIY chandelier

How do you make a personalized, less-expensive version of a Sputnik chandelier? For the blogger behind Sarah’s Big Idea, all it took was a bunch of cheap microphones purchased on ebay, Christmas lights, gold spraypaint, lamp components, and a husband who was willing to help with the details. nike air max 2017 dames wit  

Step 1: Find a bunch of really really really cheap microphones. Scarpe Air Jordan 5 These blue plastic ones were $2 a piece on eBay. Kansas State Wildcats I used 16 of them. nike air max thea grigio donna Step 2: Take all the sound components out of the microphone and replace them with light components from the Christmas lights. Houston Cougars
Step 3: Carefully map out where you want your microphones to go, then drill 16 meticulously-placed holes in the hollow-brass ball you purchased from a lamp supply company. Nike Air Max 2016 Goedkoop Step 4: Slide hollow rods (also purchased from a lamp supply store) over the microphone cables and into the plastic connector piece at the end. PURE BOOST
Step 6: Have somebody who knows what they’re doing with electricity wire everything up inside the ball. VALCLEAN2 CMF I tagged in my husband on this step. Womens Air Jordan 3 I’m more of an “ideas” person than a “practical” person.

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