Atossa 3D-printed shoes

Atossa 3D-printed shoes

Iranian designer Behrad Ghodsi tries to combine style, sustainability, manufacturing and ergonomics with a customizable and recyclable 3D-printed shoes.

With his project for the Atossa shoes Behrad Ghodsi focused on developing a range of design concepts for printable footwear.

The idea is to build a consumer based system, which reduces labor for manufacturing and provides ease of access to new products for consumers.

Experts predict that everyone will have a 3D printer at home in the near future and people will be able to design and make objects on their own. Currently the 3D printing technology is not developed enough for non-designer use. By developing a range of stylish footwear design concepts, the production process would speed up and the costs of production would be reduced.

This idea will allow everyone to use prepared designs and print usable products on their personal 3D printers. This footwear will be designed in a way that lets a regular 3D printer make it without fail. In addition, the final CAD files of products will be accessible to 3D printer owners.


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